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Elevator Control Room Sign | FDNY Sign | Custom Safety Sign |FDC Sign

Elevator Control Room Sign | FDNY Sign | Custom Safety Sign |FDC Sign

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Elevator Control Room Sign | FDNY Sign | Custom Safety  Sign |FDC Sign  Description:

  • MATERIAL: 1/8"TH  Red Aluminum. 
  • LETTERING: White Vinyl Lettering

What is an Elevator Control Room?

An elevator control room is a central location in a building equipped with elevators, where the building's elevators are monitored and controlled. This room typically contains the main control panel, communication systems, and other equipment used to manage and maintain the operation of the elevators. The control room is responsible for monitoring the status of each elevator car, dispatching elevators to specific floors, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Additionally, it is where the elevators' safety and security procedures are maintained and implemented.

What is an Elevator Control Room Sign?

Introducing our Elevator Machine Room signs, designed to identify the location of the critical area within a building. Made from durable red aluminum and white lettering, these signs are eye-catching and easy to read. They are the perfect solution for confined space signages and are essential to any construction site safety signage program. 

 Whether you need restricted area signage, machine warning labels, or fire department connection signs (FDC signs), our Elevator Machine Room signs are an excellent choice for ensuring the safety and security of your building's occupants and visitors. 

Browse our construction warning signs, safety labels, and custom safety signs today and ensure a safe working environment in your elevator machine room.

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