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Fire Extinguisher with Arrow Sign | FDNY Sign

Fire Extinguisher with Arrow Sign | FDNY Sign

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Fire Extinguisher with Arrow Sign | FDNY Sign 

Fire Extinguisher with Arrow Sign | FDNY Sign   Description:


What is a Fire Extinguisher with Arrow Sign?

The "Arrow Fire Extinguisher" sign generally indicates a Class A fire extinguisher designed to put out flames involving ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, or cloth. The word "Fire Extinguisher" is written under an arrow pointing toward the extinguisher.

The "Arrow Fire Extinguisher" sign is a crucial safety device that can assist people in finding the proper fire extinguisher quickly in an emergency. It raises standard information on the need to use the appropriate extinguisher for the type of fire and underlines the importance of doing so. People can actively participate in preventing and responding to potential fire threats by being aware of what a fire extinguisher is and how to use it properly.

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