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No Smoking or Vaping/E-Cigarette Sign

No Smoking or Vaping/E-Cigarette Sign

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No Smoking or Vaping/E-Cigarette Sign 

No Smoking or Vaping/E-Cigarette  Sign  Description:

  • MATERIAL:  1/16” TH. Aluminum | 1/16” Styrene
  • LETTERING:  Blue Lettering

What is a No Smoking or Vaping/E-Cigarette Sign ?

  Are you searching for an NYC-compliant "No Smoking or Vaping" sign of the highest quality? Don't look elsewhere—turn to Sign Guys NYC! 

In compliance with New York City's Smoke-Free Air Act, our strong aluminum or styrene sign makes it abundantly evident that smoking and vaping are prohibited in designated places.

 This Act forbids vaping in pubs, restaurants, workplaces, and other public places where smoking is prohibited. Penalties and fines may apply if the Smoke-Free Air Act is violated. 

You can provide a better and safer atmosphere for everyone in your establishment while avoiding potential fines for breaking the laws against smoking and vaping by displaying our "No Smoking or Vaping" sign. 

The SFAA requires the posting of “No Smoking, Electronic Cigarette Use, and Smokeless Use” signs to be clear and visible in any indoor space where smoking, using e-cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco is not allowed.

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