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No Smoking Work Site Per FDNY Section 1404

No Smoking Work Site Per FDNY Section 1404

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FDNY No Smoking Sign | Smoking Sign | Fire Safety Construction Sign 

FDNY No Smoking Sign | Section 1404 Smoking Sign | Fire Safety Construction Sign  Description:

  • MATERIAL: 1/8” TH. White Coroplast | 1/16" TH. White Aluminum
  • LETTERING:  Black & Red Silkscreen Lettering.

What is an FDNY No Smoking Sign?

 "No smoking" is a regulation forbidding smoking sign in a specific location or area.

 Typically, it protects non-smokers from the effects of secondhand smoke, lowers the danger of fire hazards from smoking sign, and promotes a healthier environment.


According to the FDNY Fire Safety Code states: 

1404.1.2 Signage: "No Smoking" signs complying with FC310 shall be conspicuously posted at construction sites at the following locations and such other locations as are necessary to provide notice to a person entering upon or working at the site of the prohibition against smoking:

  1. At construction sites, required by the Building Code to be enclosed with a fence on all sliding and swinging gate openings and any other openings allowing for access to the site by persons or vehicles. 
  1. At the entrances to any building or structure under construction or demolition; 
  1. On each floor at the stairway, elevator, and hoistway access points of any building undergoing alteration, construction, or demolition; and
  2. At any indoor or outdoor areas on the construction site at which persons congregate.

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